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Sonic Allergen Menu – Top 10 Sonic Gluten Free Menu Items

Many Sonic Drive-in fans love the delicious food and drinks at Sonic, but at the same time, they are struggling with food allergies or other diet restrictions. If you are one of them, then don’t worry. It’s become challenging now to find the safe and enjoyable food that best fits your body’s needs. But Sonic Drive-in doesn’t leave their customers in this situation, and Sonic Allergen Menu is here to rescue you.

Sonic Drive-in is not just the place for food, but it’s a center that takes care of your health and your body’s nutrition and calories. It provides great events, deals in Sonic Happy Hours, and fun places for your family and friends. From fast foods to classic hot dogs, Sonic Pickle Fries and uncounted drinks items, there are a lot of allergen-free choices available for you as the Allergen Menu is a valuable tool.

One thing you must remember is that you can not rely solely on Allergen info because it does not cover each single detail about allergen ingredients and  calorie info. It is best advice for all those who are allergy conscious, that they should consult with their family doctor before dining at Sonic Drive-in.

Sonic Allergen Menu Items List 2024

The list of common Sonic allergen items with abbreviation is given below:

Sonic Allergen Menu Items
Sonic Menu AllergensAbbreviation
Tree NutsT

Sonic Allergen Guide 2024

Sonic Drive-in Always wants a safe experience for its customers. That is why Sonic provides a complete nutrition guide of all items to its customers. But Sonic does not promise for items that it will be 100% allergen-free and can not eliminate the risk that no items are gluten free.

So if you don’t know about allergen items, always inform first to your Carhop that you need an allergen-free menu guide. You can also contact the restaurant manager if you have further queries related to the menu. Some Updated key points in the Sonic Allergen guide are:

  • General Nutrition advice is 2000 calories per day.
  • But calories needed may vary, and Sonic can provide additional calories upon request.
  • ImportantPlease avoid the new risk of Sonic Peanut cross contact with Sonic Burgers and Sandwiches items.
  • Before placing any order, you must review the Allergen Guide.

Sonic Breakfast Allergen Guide

Sonic Breakfast Menu itemsContain AllergensMay Contain Allergens
Bangal  Sandwich, BaconE,M,S,W,G
Bangal  Sandwich, HamE,M,S,W,G
Bangal  Sandwich, SausageE,M,S,W,G
Breakfast  Burrito BaconE,M,S,W,G
Breakfast  Burrito HamE,M,S,W,G
Breakfast  Burrito SausageE,M,S,W,G
Breakfast  Toaster BaconE,M,S,W,GSS
Breakfast  Toaster HamE,M,S,W,GSS
Breakfast  Toaster SausageE,M,S,W,GSS
Brioche  Sandwich BaconE,M,S,W,G,SS
Brioche  Sandwich HamE,M,S,W,G,SS
Brioche  Sandwich SausageE,M,S,W,G,SS

Sonic Burgers Allergen Guide

Sonic Burgers Menu itemsContain AllergensMay Contain Allergens
Garlic Butter Bacon Cheese BurgerE,M,SS,S,W,G
Hatch  Green Chile CheeseburgerM,SS,S,W,G
Hickory  BBQ CheeseburgerM,SS,S,W,GE
Quarter  Pound Double CheeseburgerM,SS,S,W,G
Sonic  CheeseburgersE,M,SS,S,W,G
Burger  Beef Patty
Yellow  Mustard

Sonic Sandwiches Allergen Guide

SANDWICHES & WRAPSFried-Cooking RiskContain AllergensMay Contain Allergens
BLT Toaster E,M,S,W,GSS
Chicken Club ToasterE,M,S,W,GSS
Chicken SlingerE,M,S,W,G,SS 
Crispy Chicken SandwichE,M,S,W,G 
Philly Cheesesteak M,S,W,G 
Beef Steak Fritter M,S,W,G 
Philly Roll E,M,S,W,G,SS 
Grilled Onions S 
American Cheese M 

Sonic Hot Dogs Allergen Guide

Hot DogsContain AllergensMay Contain Allergens
All American Hot DogS,W,GE,M,SS
Chicago Hot DogS,W,GSS
Chili Cheese ConeyM,S,W,GE,SS
New York Hot DogS,W,GE,M,SS
Halal Hot Dog  
Footlong BunM,S,W,GE,SS
Celery Salt  
Hot ChiliS,W,GG 

Sonic Hot Dogs Allergen Guide

Snacks & SidesFried-Cooking RiskContain AllergensMay Contain Allergens
Ched ‘R’ BitesM,W,G 
Ched ‘R’ PeppersM,S,W,G 
Cheese FriesM,S 
Cheese TotsM,S 
Corn DogsE,M,S,W,G 
Mozzarella SticksM,S,W,G 

Sonic WACKY PACK KIDS MEAL Allergen Guide

WACKY PACK KIDS MEALFried-Cooking RiskContain AllergensMay Contain Allergens
Corn DogsE,M,S,W,G 
Crispy TendersE,S,W,G 
Grilled Cheese E,M,S,W,G,SS 
Hot Dog M,S 
Jr. Burger S,W,GSS
Treetop Apple Sauce S,W,G,SS 

Sonic Drinks Allergen Guide

Soft Drinks, Tea & CoffeeContain AllergensMay Contain Allergens
Red Bull Sonic Recharger (Blood orange) M,S,W,G
Red Bull Sonic Recharger (Dragon Fruit) M,S,W,G
Red Bull Sonic Recharger (twisted Lime) M,S,W,G
1% Milk BottleM 
Apple Juice Box  
Cold Brew French Vanilla CoffeeM 
Cold Brew Original Iced CoffeeM 
Lemonades and Limeades  
Sweet CreamM 
All Slushes  

Sonic Frozen Zone Allergen Guide

Sonic Shakes, Blasts & SundaesContain AllergensMay Contain Allergens
Caramel Classic ShakeM,S 
Chocolate Classic ShakeM,S 
Hot Fudge Classic ShakeM,S 
Peanut Butter Classic ShakeM,P,S,W,G 
Real Banana Classic ShakeM,S 
Strawberry ShakeM 
Vanilla ShakeM 
Cheesecake ShakeM,S,W,G 
 OREO CheesecakeM,S,W,G 
OREO ChocolateM,S,W,G 
OREO Peanut ButterM,S,W,G 
Strawberry CheesecakeM,S,W,G 
Sonic Blast Chocolate Chip CookieM,S,W,G 
Sonic Blast Chocolate Chunk BrownieM,S,W,GT
Sonic Blast with HEATHM,S,TW,G
Sonic Blast with M&M’sM,S 
Sonic Blast with OREOM,S,W,G 
Sonic Blast with REESE’S Peanut ButterM,S,P, 
Sonic Blast with Turtle TruffleM,S,TE,SS
Caramel SundaeM,S 
Chocolate SundaeM,S 
Hot Fudge SundaeM,S 
Strawberry SundaeM 
Soft Serve DishM 

Sonic Gluten Free Menu

Nowadays, a dairy-free menu is a common need of most people as they are suffering from allergies and other fat issues. But Sonic Drive-in has provided a long range of dairy free items on its menu for its customers.

Sonic Breakfast Allergen Menu

Sonic Breakfast menu items like burritos and bagel sandwiches can be dairy free without cheese. You can also order Sonic Drive-in burgers, hotdogs, Newyork dogs, and Chicago dogs without cheese.

Sonic Breakfast Allergen Menu

Dairy free Bread items

In terms of bread, items like bagels, biscuits, brioche Bun, hot dog bun, Texas toast and Tortilla may contain allergens due to some common items like milk, soy, wheat, and gluten. So they can be dairy free by substituting these common items.

Sonic Shakes Allergen Menu

Sonic dairy free shakes menu includes different classic and master shakes items along with Sonic Blasts and Sonic Sundaes. All these items contain some common allergen items like milk, soy, wheat and gluten. They can be dairy free by substituting these allergen items. So your care must be needed before ordering these items.

Sonic Shakes Allergen Menu

Dairy free Kids Meal

Sonic KIDS MEAL items like crispy tender, corn dogs, hot dogs, grilled cheese and Jr.burger contain some common allergen items like eggs, milk, soy, wheat, gluten and sesame. Also, Corn dogs and crispy tenders may contain allergens due to fry. So, your little care regarding this can save your child from a serious allergy. So, for a dairy free kids meal, you should order from the menu by substituting allergen items.

Sonic Dairy free Burgers

Sonic burgers include a variety of items like Cheeseburgers, SuperSonic Cheeseburgers, Hickory BBQ burgers and other burger items like a beef patty, Burger bun, Ketchup and all others contain some common allergen ingredients like eggs, milk, soy, wheat and gluten. So before ordering, you should verify these dairy items.

Sonic Allergen Menu PDF

Sonic Drive-in also provided its menu with those ingredients that may be allergen in detail in a PDF format. The benefits of PDF format are you can download it one time from Sonic’s official website and can save it your documents. So you don’t need to find allergen items again and again every time you order. You have just to open the Allergen menu from your downloaded documents and see allergen items before ordering. You can also download the allergen menu below:

Ways to Access Sonic’s Allergen and Nutrition Guide

There are many ways to access Sonic’s allergy info. We have mentioned below some easy and common ways:

  • PDF Guide: As discussed above, you can get all allergen guides from the PDF file that Sonic Drive-in has provided on its website.
  • Sonic App:  You have to download the Sonic App and log in to it by using your information. Then select “Nutrition and Allergen,” and it’s like a mini guide in your pocket.
  • Customer Service: If you can’t find an allergen guide anywhere, then simply contact your nearest Sonic Drive-in branch and get a guide about your menu.
  • Inform Carhop: If you are unaware of all the above methods, then inform your Carhop that you need an allergen-free menu before placing the order.
  • Speak To Restaurant Manager: If you still have queries related to allergic items you can directly speak to the restaurant manager and inform them about your queries.

Sonic Drive-In Customer Service

Sonic Drive-in Social Media

FAQs Regarding Sonic Allergen Menu

Sonic may use Peanut oil to fry different items like fries and other side items. So you should first verify from Sonic Support before ordering any item.

No, All items in Sonic Drive-in are free from MSG.

Only Veggie burgers at Sonic contain gluten. All others are gluten free.

Sonic milkshakes contain milk also, so they are not dairy free.

Yes, many items in Sonic contain soy as an ingredient.

Sonic doesn’t promise gluten free breads and buns. As you can order a sandwich without gluten free buns.

A Few items in the Sonic Menu contain sesame ingredients. So you have to verify before ordering.

Pickle fries are fried thoroughly during preparation. So they may contain allergen.


Sonic Allergen Menu can be a life saving for most of the customers who are conscious of allergen items. However, Sonic Drive-in always receives allergen information from their approved manufacturers but does not guarantee its 100% accuracy. It can be possible that there may be little change in allergen information due to some reasons like differences in the region of suppliers, their preparation techniques, and recipe revision from time to time. Some menu items may be different for different locations of Sonic. In Other recipe test procedures, ingredients may not be included in some locations.

Overall, Sonic-Drive always strives to provide a safe and enjoyable dining experience to its customers, and the allergen guide is a valuable tool for all those with dietary needs. But always remember to consult with your family or personal physician if you have severe allergic concerns.

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