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Sonic Dessert Menu With Prices – Sonic Top 10 Desserts 2024

Welcome to the cold world of Sonic Dessert menu. This menu is no less than a blessing on hot summer days, when everybody is looking for cold items that can relax their mind and body. Sonic Drive-in brings a haven menu items in the form of cold and sweet desserts whose every bite will make you delightful. The dessert menu includes OREO Big Scoop Cheesecake, Sonic Sundae, Hand milkshakes, and Blasts items.

Sonic Drive-In opened its first branch in 1956 and now with 3522 branches it is providing excellent and delicious healthy food to its customers. Its most popular food menu includes Sonic Happy hours drinks menu items, Breakfast menu, Milkshakes, Burgers menu items and Hot dogs, Ice Cream menu and more. Recently Sonic updated its Dessert menu and included delicious OREO Big Scoop Cheesecake which we will discuss in detail.

Sonic Menu Dessert Prices

The prices of Dessert items depend upon the size you are ordering. These are available in different sizes, from mini to large, at Sonic Drive-In with little variation in price and calories.

Sonic Dessert MenuMiniSmallMed
OREO Big Scoop Cheesecake$5.39$6.19$7.09
Turtle Truffle Nut$4.79$5.69$6.59
Chocolate Chunk$4.79$5.69$6.59
Sonic HEATH$4.79$5.69$6.59
OREO Cookie$4.79$5.69$6.59
Peanut Butter $4.79$5.69$6.59
M&M’s Chocolate Candies$4.79$5.69$6.59
Chocolate Chip$4.79$5.69$6.59
Vanilla Dessert Shake$4.19$5.09$5.79
Fresh Banana Dessert Shake$4.19$5.09$5.79
Chocolate Dessert Shake$4.19$5.09$5.79
Caramel flavor shake$4.19$5.09$5.79
Strawberry Dessert Shake$4.19$5.09$5.79
Hot Fudge Shake$4.19$5.09$5.79
Peanut Butter Dessert Shake$4.19$5.09$5.79
OREO Peanut$4.59$5.49$6.09
Strawberry Cheesecake$4.59$5.49$6.09
Cheesecake Master Dessert$4.59$5.49$6.09
OREO Chocolate Dessert$4.59$5.49$6.09
OREO Cheesecake$4.59$5.49$6.09
Dessert SundaePrice
OREO Big Scoop Sundae$3.99
Hot Fudge Dessert$3.49
Caramel Dessert$3.49
Strawberry Dessert Sundae$3.49
Sonic Dessert Dish$2.99

What are Sonic Dessert Menu Items 2024

This menu includes a variety of mouth-watering, yummy and cold items that will not only satisfy your dessert cravings but make your full day delightful. This is a world full of cold and sweet items ranging from sonic slushes to frozen items, which include hand-mixed milkshakes, Blasts items, Sundae, Sonic Cones, and Ice fudgy ice cream. Dessert Menu at Sonic Drive-In includes:

Sonic Dessert Blasts

These are mixtures of Candies, Cookie pieces, Chocolate Chips, Peanut Butter, Cheesecake and Turtle Truffles with Soft, creamy vanilla. Their tops are covered with extra pieces of their respective flavors. They are available in different flavors, and each flavor has its own pieces that are thoroughly mixed with Vanilla soft. The top flavors of blasts are given below:

  • OREO Big Scoop Cheesecake Dessert Blast. 
  • Turtle Truffle Nut Dessert Blast.
  • Chocolate Chunk Brownie Dessert Blast.
  • Sonic HEATH Dessert Blast.
  •  OREO Cookie Pieces Dessert Blast.
  • Peanut Butter Cups Dessert Blast.
  • M&M’S Chocolate Candies Dessert Blast.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dessert Blast.

OREO Big Scoop Cheesecake

Sonic OREO big Scoop Cheesecake Blast

Chocolate Chunk Brownie

Sonic Chocolate Chunk brownie

Peanut Butter Cups Dessert

Sonic Peanut Butter Cups Dessert

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Sonic Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dessert

Sonic Dessert Shakes

This menu includes all Sonic classic and master hand-mixed dessert shakes. Classic shakes are mixtures of Vanilla soft cream and specific flavors along its top covered with Whipped topping and a Cherry fruit. Classic Dessert shakes menu items include the following flavors:

  • Vanilla Dessert Shake
  • Fresh Banana Dessert Shake
  • Chocolate Dessert Shake
  • Caramel flavor shake
  • Strawberry Dessert Shake
  • Hot Fudge Dessert Shake
  • Peanut Butter Dessert Shake

While Master hand mixed deserts shakes include the following flavors:

  • OREO Peanut Butter Dessert Shake
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert Shake
  • Cheesecake Master Dessert Shake
  • OREO Chocolate Dessert Shake
  • OREO Cheesecake Dessert Shake

Chocolate Dessert Shake

Sonic Chocolate Dessert Shake

Hot Fudge Dessert Shake

Sonic Hot Fudge Dessert Shake

OREO Peanut Butter

Sonic OREO Peanut Butter Dessert shake

Cheesecake Master Dessert

Sonic Cheesecake Master Dessert

Sonic Dessert Sundae

These are a mixture of vanilla soft serve and top covered with whip topping and cherry. Recently, Sonic Drive-In introduced its new flavor, which is OREO Big Scoop Cheesecake Sundae. Now, this menu is available in five different flavors.

  • OREO Big Scoop Cheesecake Dessert Sundae
  • Hot Fudge Dessert Sundae
  • Caramel Dessert Sundae
  • Strawberry Dessert Sundae
  • Sonic Dessert Dish

OREO Big Scoop Cheesecake

Oreo Big Scoop Cheesecake Dessert Sundae

Hot Fudge Dessert Sundae

Sonic Hot Fudge dessert sundae

Caramel Dessert Sundae

Sonic Caramel Dessert Sundae

Strawberry Dessert Sundae

Sonic Strawberry Dessert Sundae

Sonic Cone Ice Cream Dessert Menu

Sonic Drive-In provides yummy cone Ice Cream dessert items whose every bite is full of sweetness and happiness. Currently, Sonic has stopped ice cream cones due to variation and new testing purposes and will start soon in 2024, as announced in the official “X” (Formerly Twitter) account. The Ice cream cones that generally available at Sonic Drive-In are the following:

Sonic Banana Split: After a wonderful experience of classic banana shake , Sonic Introduces Banana split cone Ice cream, which is a combination of banana, strawberry and chocolate soft serve cream that gives it a delicious taste.

Vanilla Cone Ice Cream: Vanilla is the most popular and delicious flavor at Sonic. The Vanilla cone is a mixture of vanilla flavor and whip topping that can satisfy your dessert craving.

Chocolate Cone: This cone is perfect for all chocolate lovers. It contains real rich chocolate flavors thoroughly mixed with creamy soft serve and whipped topping.

Sonic Strawberry Cone Ice Cream: Sonic Strawberry cone is a mixture of refreshing and sweet strawberries with soft-serve cream and is topped with chocolate sauce or fresh fruit.

Sonic Twist Cone: It is a mixture of Vanilla and chocolate-rich flavors for those who can’t decide which one they should taste, as both are their favorites. So Sonic provides a combination of vanilla soft cream and chocolate flavor to make every bite great.
Sonic OREO Cone: This is a mixture of OREO cookie pieces with vanilla soft serve and top covered with more cookie pieces. This gives a perfect taste to all OREO lovers.

Sonic Cone Ice Cream Dessert Menu

Sonic Dessert Calories Information

Sonic Drive-in provides complete calories and allergen guides for every meal. The dessert menu has different calories according to size. This is very helpful information for those who are diet-conscious. The Calories information of each dessert item is given below:

Dessert Menu ItemsMiniSmallMed
OREO Big Scoop Cheesecake5407701000
Turtle Truffle Nut460700920
Chocolate Chunk410620820
Sonic HEATH430650860
OREO Cookie370580770
Peanut Butter 450680890
M&M’S Chocolate Candies490730960
Chocolate Chip410620820
Vanilla Dessert Shake5707101040
Fresh Banana Dessert Shake5907501100
Chocolate Dessert Shake5707201050
Caramel flavor shake5807401090
Strawberry Dessert Shake5606901010
Hot Fudge Shake6008401240
Peanut Butter Dessert Shake6308401340
OREO Peanut5407401030
Strawberry Cheesecake420620790
Cheesecake Master Dessert400600750
OREO Chocolate Dessert480680910
OREO Cheesecake510750940
Dessert SundaeCalorie
OREO Big Scoop Sundae570
Hot Fudge Dessert470
Caramel Dessert430
Strawberry Dessert Sundae380
Sonic Dessert Dish300

Sonic Top 10 Dessert Menu Items 2024

Sonic has different types of yummy dessert items on its menu, and customers are often confused about which dessert they should taste. So here we have provided the details of Sonic’s Top 10 items that you should try without much burden on your wallet.

  1. SONIC OREO BIG Scoop Cheesecake Sundae.
  2. OREO BIG Scoop Cheesecake Sundae.
  3. Chocolate Chunk Brownie Dessert Blast
  4. REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups Dessert.
  5. Fresh Banana Split Classic Shake.
  6. Strawberry Shake Dessert.
  7. OREO Cheesecake Master Shake Dessert.
  8. Peanut Butter Dessert Shake.
  9. Caramel Dessert Sundae.
  10.  Strawberry Sundae.

Sonic New Dessert Items 2024

Recently Sonic has launched new items on its dessert menu. We will describe those items in detail.

Sonic Oreo Big Scoop Cheesecake Sundae

Sonic OREO BIG Scoop Cheesecake Sundae

Sonic has recently introduced a new dessert item, which is a rich combination of OREO cookie pieces with creamy soft serve sweet vanilla, and its top is covered with a large Scoop of OREO cheesecake.

What’s On it:

Vanilla Soft

Untitled design 92

REO Cheesecake Scoop

Sonic Oreo Cheesecake Scoop

OREO Cookie Pieces

Oreo Cookie Pieces
Protein (g)8
Dietary Fiber (g)1
Sugar (g)43
Fats (g)30
Saturated Fats(g)17
Fatty Acid (g)1
Cholesterol (mg)90
Calories from fat270
Calcium (mg)194.75
Vitamin-A IU659
Iron (mg)1.69
Vitamin C (mg)0

Sonic Oreo big scoop cheesecake dessert blast

SOREO Big Scoop Cheesecake Blast

Sonic has recently introduced this item on its menu. It is made with OREO Cookie pieces mixed with soft creamy cheesecake, and its top is covered with a large scoop of OREO Cheesecake.

What’s On it:

Vanilla Soft

Untitled design 92

REO Cheesecake Scoop

Sonic Oreo Cheesecake Scoop

OREO Cookie Pieces

Sonic Oreo Cookie pieces

Cheesecake Syrup

Sonic Cheesecake Syrup
Nutrition For Small SizeQuantity
Protein (g)7
Dietary Fiber (g)1
Sugar (g)44
Fats (g)28
Saturated Fats(g)16
Fatty Acid (g)1
Cholesterol (mg)80
Calories from fat250
Calcium (mg)172
Vitamin-A IU582.79
Iron (mg)1.65
Vitamin C (mg)0

Sonic Drive-In Customer Services

Sonic Drive-in Social Media Contacts

Yes, Sonic Drive-In provides a yummy cold dessert menu for its customers which includes Ice creams desserts, banana splits, candies and cookies desserts, peanut butter cup desserts and dessert sundae.

Sonic’s has recently introduced some new dessert items, Including the OREO Big Scoop Cheesecake Sundae for $3.99 and OREO Big Scoop Cheesecake Blast for $5.39.

Sonic Drive-In menu includes different types of desserts, including Blasts, Ice cream, Shakes and Sundae.

Yes, Sonic Includes a brownie dessert, which includes fudgy brownie pieces mixed thoroughly with soft serve cream and topped with more brownie pieces.


The only menu that will satisfy your craving for yummy desserts is Sonic’s Dessert menu. You can enjoy all of your favorite flavors thoroughly mixed with different enriched Oreos, cookies, candies, cherry and strawberry pieces, depending upon which flavors you want to order.

Sonic Ice Cream Cones is another delightful addition to the menu, and it can make your day joyful. So don’t wait any longer and order your favorite dessert online or by visiting your nearest branch.

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